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Gustav Klimt's Birthday Month! July 01 2017

Born July 14th 1862, to a performer-at-heart mother and gold engraving father, it is almost no wonder why Klimt's body of work bursts with life and ooze decadence. Trained professionally from a very early age, Klimt, age 17 and a team of other artists were already receiving commissions for painting and murals at this young age. He became one of the most famous Austrians in the world and has inspired countless artists since and before his death in 1918. Here's to you Mr. Klimt, may the world's people always feel as cozy as you must have been in your robes!

Celebrating Vincent... March 30 2016

Van Gogh was born 163 years ago today. He is still making an impact on art and on the world.

How did he impact you?

Happy Spring! March 20 2016

Check out all of our colorful wallets! They make great Easter treats!

NEW: Nancy Drew, Houdini and Sunflowers! November 20 2015 1 Comment

Check out our NEW Taxi Wallets here! We have Nancy Drew, Houdini Magic Circus and Van Gogh's Sunflowers - all available NOW!



KITXCHANGE GIVEAWAY! September 28 2015


Great news! We are giving you a chance to win a KitXChange™ travel organizer for Crafts or Jewelry and $100 in spending money so you can indulge in more!

Interested? Entering is EASY! Find the full details on our Facebook page here!

For more information on the complete KitXChange™ organization system, visit our site at!

Happy Fall! September 23 2015


Happy First Day of Fall everyone!

Check out our new Pumpkin Spice Taxi Wallet to satisfy your Pumpkin Spice craving!

Check Out the KitXChange™ Gallery Page! August 26 2015

The gallery page for the KitXChange™ organization system is up and running!

Click here to find pictures, videos and information about each accessory, as well as to sign up for news and benefits!

Be sure to check out the videos especially since they feature our always lovely founder and inventor, Alicia Klein! :)

Introducing the KitXChange Organization System! August 10 2015

ALICIA KLEIN is excited to introduce a new product line - the KitXChange!

What is the KitXChange? It's just the most perfect way to organize all your jewelry, crafts, scrapbooking supplies, ETC. to ever come along! WOW! Bold statement, we know - but check it out and tell us you agree! 

The KitXChange organization system currently consists of four accessories; two for home and two for travel.   

This is the ONLY system where you can store, see, and quickly transport, all your supplies and it all starts with our clear zip pouches that attach to our special fabric.

Sound like something you or someone you know might be interested in? 

We are launching the KitXChange system this fall on KICKSTARTER and would appreciate your help in spreading the word.

Please sign up for the mailing list at where you will also find pictures, videos and more information. 

Feeling Patriotic? June 29 2015

The 4th of July is right around the corner!

Get in the spirit by checking out our Washington D.C. Imagery Taxi Wallet! Click here to buy!


Don't Forget Dad! June 11 2015

Don't forget Dad! Father's Day is Sunday, June 21st - less than two weeks away!

Have a Dad in your life who loves sports? Check out our Sports Leather Taxi Wallet Collection! Looking for a more classic look? Head over to see our Monterey, Canyon and Durango Collections! All Taxi Wallets can be found here!

Great Gifts for Grads! June 08 2015

Looking for fun and functional gifts for the graduate in your life? Check out our OWL I.D holders and Tech Crossbody Bags - both are quality leather goods that are made to help your Grad succeed!

Our OWL I.D holders are great for storing work badges, student I.D cards and other necessities in one convenient location. The Tech Crossbody Bag has a fully-lined interior to protect your tablet or e-reader while on the go! 

Get Ready for Summer! June 03 2015

Get ready for Summer with our Island Collection - they're leather-free/vegan made! We have lots of beautiful prints to get you in the Summer mindset. Check out all our Island Collection Taxi Wallets here!

Sapphires, Rubies and Emeralds! January 15 2015

Please welcome our gorgeous new Tonga Snake Collection, made with rich, glossy, hand-dyed leather in marvelous jewel tones. Available this year only!

Kandinsky, Klimt, Van Gogh, oh my! January 06 2015

We're off to the first trade shows of the year, starting with Atlanta, and these are some of the posters we're using in our booth. After living with them awhile, we're starting to think that the images these artists made of themselves are just as riveting as the rest of their creations. Maybe it's because you can't hide from their eyes!

Happy Birthday Kandinsky! December 16 2014

Today is the 148th anniversary of the birth of Wassily Kandinsky, the artist credited with creating the first abstract painting. Born in Moscow and educated in Munich, Kandinsky later taught at the famous Bauhaus School of Art and Architecture in Munich, before finally moving to France, where he died a French citizen in 1944. Our three popular Kandinsky Museum products are based on his "Color Study: Squares with Concentric Circles," painted in 1913. 



Taxi Wallet® is in the Smithsonian! December 09 2014

Well, the Smithsonian Store, anyway. (We hope to make it into the museum itself someday, though!)

We’re excited that our adorable “Cats” Taxi Wallet was chosen by the Smithsonian for inclusion their fall and winter gift catalogs.

Other top catalogs and websites are featuring Taxi Wallets this holiday season, too, including Gumps, Orvis, and Acorn!

The Alicia Klein Holiday Gift Guide December 02 2014

Some great ideas for the perplexed and overwhelmed gift-giver!

Mister Gomez Featured on the New Shelter Dogs Wallet! November 25 2014



Just like in every great love story, we knew it was meant to be...

When we were children, my husband and I both had pets, but when we moved to California we were never inspired to have a dog or a cat. We had a happy home, we were working and raising a family and life was good. Then a few years ago, I was visiting a friend and happened to mention that if I ever were to get a dog, it would be one like their rescued Rat Terrier, Taz. She was great, energetic yet mellow, a good size, and her sweetness really put you at ease.

The next day, I found pictures of Rat Terriers available for adoption in my inbox. It was a little overwhelming and not the right time, but the seed had been planted. About a year later, I found myself returning to the Small Dog Rescue site and starting the adoption process.

We were expecting a dog like Taz, a dog who was a good size and would be great companion on hikes, and always ready for a frolic out doors in the open space. What we saw before us was a tiny little guy shaking like a leaf with his ears pinned back and his tail between his legs. He was not what we expected at all ... he was so small and frail-looking. He had a crooked front leg from where he had broken it as a puppy and had to wear a cast while he was growing. We were worried that he would be too delicate to take on long hikes and outdoor adventures.

We took some time to really consider the commitment we were about to make and ask ourselves if this was what we wanted and if we would be the right home for him. And the more I looked at him, the more I saw this little guy who needed us to help him tap into his true essence. Something told me that he could find the strength to run and play and be what he was meant to be. I saw that he needed us to help him get there and so we took him home.

That first night felt so strange. And then I saw my husband holding him up to a mirror, and all of sudden he dropped a kiss on Mister Gomez's little head. From that moment, everything began to fall in place. Mister Gomez began to run and play, and there came the day when he caught a squirrel who was as big as he was. We weren't sure who was more shocked, Mister Gomez or the squirrel.

It didn't take us long to realize that we could never be without a dog again and three years later we adopted Sasha, our second Rat Terrier. Now Mister Gomez can even sing and Sasha joins him in sing-alongs.

They make an amazing pair. We had a happy home before, but the sunshine and spirit that they bring into our lives is like nothing else. We can't imagine not having them in our lives every day in work and play! We know just how lucky we are and how much we can learn from their amazing ability to give so selflessly and lovingly.

Our latest two Gallery Taxi Wallets are dedicated to our wonderful companions. A portion of the proceeds from the Shelter Dogs and Cats Taxi Wallet sales will be donated to The Animal Rescue Foundation and other animal rescue organizations around the country. We're excited to be able to give something back to the Animal Rescue Community!


Mister Gomez and Sasha

Exclusive New Taxi Wallet for the Charles M. Shulz Museum November 11 2014

Introducing the fusion of an iconic American comic strip and a beloved American wallet: the Peanuts Taxi Wallet, available exclusively through the Charles M. Shulz Museum in Sonoma County, California! We were thrilled to collaborate with the museum on the creation of this special edition wallet and other accessories. We think this will be the wallet of choice for Charlie Brown and Lucy fans worldwide! 

The Charles M. Shulz Museum and Research Center is dedicated to preserving, displaying, and interpreting the work of Charlie Brown's creator in a beautiful and relaxed space. We highly recommend a visit!

Taxi Wallets and the Fear of the New November 04 2014

Your old leather Taxi Wallet has a glossy, warm, soft patina from years of contact with the oils from your hands. The leather has shaped itself to fit your personal collection of wallet stuff perfectly.

But even Taxi Wallets wear out, and there comes that scary time when you need to start over with a new Taxi Wallet. Patience will be required. Your old wallet didn’t hold that enormous stack of cards right out of the box! Maybe this is a good time to edit your collection. Do you really need to carry all those store loyalty cards? What about those expired club cards? Your niece’s baby picture? (She’s graduating this year.) A ticket stub from a movie you’ll never forget? Pull it all out, enjoy the memories, and let them go! Or at least put them somewhere else.

Give your new Taxi Wallet a chance. Before you know it, it will start to have the same friendly patina your old one did. It will mold itself to fit your stuff and only your stuff. Your personal Taxi Wallet. Like no one else’s.

BLACK MAGIC Halloween Coupon! October 29 2014

For the modern Morticia, black puts the drop-dead in drop-dead gorgeous!
Get 31% off all of our black items through midnight Pacific Time on Halloween.
Use code BLACKMAGIC at checkout.

Rock those Studs! October 22 2014

Everybody needs a little adventure, a little extra strength, and a little bit of attitude ... and that's why we love studs!

From biker chic to being just a little BAD, studs are ubiquitous on the red carpet right now. In fact, the Alicia Klein Simone Bag is just the thing to go with your Valentino Rockstuds!


We're Sharing Beautiful Things from our Showroom October 14 2014

Check it out! We've just added a new category to our website: Showroom Finds. Alicia loves to pick out gorgeous jewelry and gift items on her travels to highlight little corners of our showroom. Bags and wallets are beautiful, but a little bling sets them off even more!

Now we're bringing choice pieces to our website, very special pieces that are hard to find and that Alicia really wants you to know about and enjoy.

First up is a selection of Frankli Wild pewter and crystal barware and bookends. Frankli Wild is a Johannesburg company that endeavors to bring Hemingway's "Green Hills of Africa" to the world through their "functional fine art." These pieces are truly "instant heirlooms"!  


Happy #NationalHandbagDay October 10 2014

Yep, it's the 2nd annual National Handbag Day. We're not making this up! Women with purse obsessions are rejoicing all over the country! And gentlemen, this is a gift-giving occasion. If nothing else, share our coupon code for 30% off all regularly-priced Alicia Klein bags — just enter HANDBAGDAY at checkout between now and midnight Pacific Time on Sunday.

Traveling to Happiness October 07 2014

Every day at Alicia Klein we're on a journey and happy is how we travel.

As we reach each destination, it is our joy to connect with our community in every way. From a wallet that really works for you, to a simple moment loving the way the perfect bag fits every aspect of living. We're here because of you!!

What's the best part of your journey?

A Strange Place for a Taxi Wallet September 30 2014

Taxi Wallet staffers like to travel the world, and we have a weird ongoing competition. We take pictures of our Taxi Wallets in strange places! Here are a few shots of Taxi Wallets on statues, a popular meme around here a couple of vacations ago. These images are from trips to Argentina, New Zealand, and Australia:

Share your Taxi Wallet picture with us on our Facebook page or on Instagram (use #TaxiWallet), and we'll send you a great discount coupon!

How much fits in a Taxi Wallet? September 23 2014

What fits in a Taxi Wallet? Just about everything, apparently! We always advocate that you periodically do some wallet housecleaning to keep your wallet slim and elegant. But many Taxi Wallet fans beg to differ:

Yup, not pretty! But it does show that a Taxi Wallet will expand to meet almost anyone's needs.


Look at how much fits in a Taxi Wallet by design, though — and this wallet will still look slim:


Even checks, stamps and favorite photos. Really! 

Next time you're near our showroom outside of San Francisco, stop in and show us how fat (or slim) your Taxi Wallet is!



Shelter Dogs to the Rescue! September 18 2014

Our new, revised Shelter Dogs Taxi Wallet is now in production and will be available for the holidays! Incredibly popular last year, this year we've made some revisions, including making the wallet part of our vegan line of coated canvas Taxi Wallets. Best of all, our mascot, the tiny and adorable Mister Gomez, is now featured on the front of the wallet! If you want to reserve one ahead of time, click here and send us a message.

Taxi Wallets FOREVER! September 09 2014

So we gathered together in our office today to watch Apple present their next new world-changing tech (yes, love the watch, WANT the watch!)

But . . .


Here's some reasons our team came up with for why wallets (especially, ahem, TAXI WALLETS) are not going away!

First, we like to shop at old-fashioned, mom-and-pop, brick-and-mortar stores, and guess what — they prefer cash! Especially for items under $10 or $20 (have you tried to buy a pack of gum at a corner store lately?)

Then there are ID cards and membership cards and transit cards and business cards and library cards and insurance cards and receipts from those old-fashioned, brick-and-mortar stores. We like to keep all those in our wallets. Yes, we always say we like to travel light, but most of these cards aren't going away any time soon.

Then there are coins! Taxi Wallets carry coins! Most parking meters still take them (unless you are unfortunate enough to live where parking fees practically require a second mortgage . . .) And laundromats! You still need coins for laundromats! 

A spare check? Okay, that's getting REALLY old-fashioned, but some of us still need them once in awhile.

Oh, and by the way? It's cool to wear a watch again, Apple? We think wallets MIGHT go away about the time your watch is no longer cool, and cool means getting Borg-like implants.

At that point we'll gladly put our Taxi Wallets in the museum . . . and join them there ourselves!

Time to Get Back to Business! September 02 2014

Now that we're all back from the lake, the beach, Burning Man, or just a nice staycation, can we all get down to business? In case you haven't noticed, we've put three classic Alicia Klein laptop briefcases on MAJOR sale! There's a reason Alicia's first tagline was "Making the Case for the Working Woman"! These are serious briefcases for both the woman who already knows all about leaning in and the young woman just starting to climb the corporate ladder. All of Alicia's briefcases stand up by themselves even when full, all include padded walls to protect electronics, and all include a back tunnel pocket that allows the bag to slip over the handle of your rolling luggage.

Our NANCY Laptop Briefcase has been a favorite of lawyers since its debut — no doubt because of the extra security of the zippered top,which hides files even when open. Available in all-leather ($125 off) and jacquard nylon with leather trim ($100 off).

Our LUCY Laptop Briefcase also has a zippered top, and a classic, feminine shape that will protect mid-sized laptops and file folders. $100 off!

Our JACKIE Laptop Briefcase is a beefed-up, classic zippered tote that can hold a 15" laptop and plenty of files. $100 off!

New Gallery Taxi Wallets — Paris, London and San Francisco! August 26 2014

Celebrating three of the greatest cities of the world:  Paris, London, and our home city of San Francisco. These new, vegan, Gallery Taxi Wallets have just come into stock today!

If leather is your thing, you'll find the same London and San Francisco designs in our all-leather Imagery Collection.

Our Museum Collection Keeps Growing! August 20 2014

A masterwork of the early 20th century, Gustav Klimt's The Kiss is familiar to art lovers worldwide. Klimt painted the work around 1908, at the peak of his "Golden Phase." "Golden" because the artist layered actual gold leaf into his oil paintings! 

The absolutely sumptuous beauty of this work cannot be fully reproduced (especially on leather and fabric), but we think we came darned close in our three homages to this famous painting. Our beloved, luxe leather ePouch (perfect for large tablets) has been joined by a brand new vegan Taxi Wallet and Anna mini crossbody bag. We've focused on just a small part of the painting in these products — you might say that we've given you a close-up of the action! But as you can see below, the full painting is a perfect square, nearly six feet wide and high. 

If you ever visit Vienna (sigh, Vienna!), be sure to visit the original painting, now hanging in the Belvedere Palace.

Catch the Wave! August 12 2014

Introducing our newest Gallery Collection Taxi Wallet and Anna mini crossbody bag, featuring The Great Wave off Kanagawa, a woodcut print by Katsushika Hokusai of Japan, c. 1829–32.

Growing ever more recognized and popular around the world (you might even find it in your cellphone's emoji collection), "The Great Wave" is the most famous print created by Hokusai.  In the artwork, a huge wave with menacing, claw-like fingers threatens to engulf elegant boats full of straining rowers, while the iconic Mount Fuji stands vigil in the background (in fact, the print is from a series known as "Thirty-six views of Mount Fuji"). 

The print is alive with captured tension and power, and the beauty of the artist's stylized scenery has inspired many people to explore the beautiful world of Japanese print-making more deeply. For an introduction to the Japanese Edo period art of ukiyo-e woodblock prints, check out this Wikipedia article.

Visit our showroom – virtually! August 05 2014

Thanks to Google, you can now take a 360° tour of the Alicia Klein Showroom in California! 

Click here to visit.

Besides carrying our own Alicia Klein®, Taxi Wallet®, and OWL®recycled product lines, Alicia likes to showcase beautiful gifts and favorite jewelry that she's discovered on her travels.

As you might expect, we have ALL the Taxi Wallets®, some that are now hard to find, and some you won't find anywhere else!

And all the luxurious Alicia Klein® leather bags and accessories your heart desires!

It's almost as good as visiting Alicia Klein® in person!

The Mad Pinners of Alicia Klein! July 29 2014

We all love Pinterest here at Alicia Klein — and our Pinterest boards show it! The image above shows a bit of our board "Citrus Hues." A lot of repinning action here! We have 30 other active boards . . . and we just can't stopping pinning!

What's Fresh Today! July 22 2014

JUST IN! We've added two new wallets to our Island Collection!

We've Remodeled! July 17 2014

We've completely revamped our website to create a modern shopping experience we're sure you'll love! Start browsing our Alicia Klein, Taxi Wallet, and OWLrecycled collections now!



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