Our Museum Collection Keeps Growing! August 20 2014

A masterwork of the early 20th century, Gustav Klimt's The Kiss is familiar to art lovers worldwide. Klimt painted the work around 1908, at the peak of his "Golden Phase." "Golden" because the artist layered actual gold leaf into his oil paintings! 

The absolutely sumptuous beauty of this work cannot be fully reproduced (especially on leather and fabric), but we think we came darned close in our three homages to this famous painting. Our beloved, luxe leather ePouch (perfect for large tablets) has been joined by a brand new vegan Taxi Wallet and Anna mini crossbody bag. We've focused on just a small part of the painting in these products — you might say that we've given you a close-up of the action! But as you can see below, the full painting is a perfect square, nearly six feet wide and high. 

If you ever visit Vienna (sigh, Vienna!), be sure to visit the original painting, now hanging in the Belvedere Palace.