Taxi Wallets and the Fear of the New November 04 2014

Your old leather Taxi Wallet has a glossy, warm, soft patina from years of contact with the oils from your hands. The leather has shaped itself to fit your personal collection of wallet stuff perfectly.

But even Taxi Wallets wear out, and there comes that scary time when you need to start over with a new Taxi Wallet. Patience will be required. Your old wallet didn’t hold that enormous stack of cards right out of the box! Maybe this is a good time to edit your collection. Do you really need to carry all those store loyalty cards? What about those expired club cards? Your niece’s baby picture? (She’s graduating this year.) A ticket stub from a movie you’ll never forget? Pull it all out, enjoy the memories, and let them go! Or at least put them somewhere else.

Give your new Taxi Wallet a chance. Before you know it, it will start to have the same friendly patina your old one did. It will mold itself to fit your stuff and only your stuff. Your personal Taxi Wallet. Like no one else’s.