Mister Gomez Featured on the New Shelter Dogs Wallet! November 25 2014



Just like in every great love story, we knew it was meant to be...

When we were children, my husband and I both had pets, but when we moved to California we were never inspired to have a dog or a cat. We had a happy home, we were working and raising a family and life was good. Then a few years ago, I was visiting a friend and happened to mention that if I ever were to get a dog, it would be one like their rescued Rat Terrier, Taz. She was great, energetic yet mellow, a good size, and her sweetness really put you at ease.

The next day, I found pictures of Rat Terriers available for adoption in my inbox. It was a little overwhelming and not the right time, but the seed had been planted. About a year later, I found myself returning to the Small Dog Rescue site and starting the adoption process.

We were expecting a dog like Taz, a dog who was a good size and would be great companion on hikes, and always ready for a frolic out doors in the open space. What we saw before us was a tiny little guy shaking like a leaf with his ears pinned back and his tail between his legs. He was not what we expected at all ... he was so small and frail-looking. He had a crooked front leg from where he had broken it as a puppy and had to wear a cast while he was growing. We were worried that he would be too delicate to take on long hikes and outdoor adventures.

We took some time to really consider the commitment we were about to make and ask ourselves if this was what we wanted and if we would be the right home for him. And the more I looked at him, the more I saw this little guy who needed us to help him tap into his true essence. Something told me that he could find the strength to run and play and be what he was meant to be. I saw that he needed us to help him get there and so we took him home.

That first night felt so strange. And then I saw my husband holding him up to a mirror, and all of sudden he dropped a kiss on Mister Gomez's little head. From that moment, everything began to fall in place. Mister Gomez began to run and play, and there came the day when he caught a squirrel who was as big as he was. We weren't sure who was more shocked, Mister Gomez or the squirrel.

It didn't take us long to realize that we could never be without a dog again and three years later we adopted Sasha, our second Rat Terrier. Now Mister Gomez can even sing and Sasha joins him in sing-alongs.

They make an amazing pair. We had a happy home before, but the sunshine and spirit that they bring into our lives is like nothing else. We can't imagine not having them in our lives every day in work and play! We know just how lucky we are and how much we can learn from their amazing ability to give so selflessly and lovingly.

Our latest two Gallery Taxi Wallets are dedicated to our wonderful companions. A portion of the proceeds from the Shelter Dogs and Cats Taxi Wallet sales will be donated to The Animal Rescue Foundation and other animal rescue organizations around the country. We're excited to be able to give something back to the Animal Rescue Community!


Mister Gomez and Sasha