30 Years in Business!


Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

I am sending a standing ovation of appreciation to our customers, our accounts, our suppliers and vendors. I am so grateful for your business and for your great service. I have known many of you for decades and the trust and friendship we share together is a treasure.

To my wonderful team - my heartfelt appreciation. You play your roles very well and while we are a little band of warriors, our shared esprit de corps is huge. I love that we’re able to laugh together mornings AND afternoons. To Lawrence, until you retired 10 years ago, we were business partners and great friends. Now we’re still great friends with a weekly lunch date. Lucky us - thank you! And above all, to my husband, Dan, and my son, Erik – thank you for believing and thank you for making everything in my life a more glorious shade of beautiful.

So now what?  Drumroll, please.  We’re starting our 31st year with a new brand – Kit xChange®.  It’s a totally new concept in organization that has been in the works for a few years.  Launching Summer 2017.

Onward – to 50 years!  It could happen.

Peace and Love - Alicia



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