Q:  Why the name TAXI WALLET?

A:  We choose this name because TAXI represents simple, efficient travel, gets you where you want to go, just the basics - nothing fussy.  It's an internationally recognized word and people around the world could all agree on the same meaning.  


Q:  Where are your products made?

A:  The Taxi Wallets are currently made in China and India.  For the first few years, Taxi Wallets were made in the US - in California, Texas, Oklahoma and Wisconsin.  All four factories closed in the mid-1990's.  It would be our pleasure to make wallets again in the US.   The Alicia Klein and OwlRecycled collections are made in China. 


Q: Are any of your products RFID protected?

A:  Yes.  Word search RFID and you will find that a few of our Taxi Wallets are RFID protected.  There are definitely two camps regarding the need for RFID protection.  Please search the interwebs and decide for yourself.  HOWEVER - we have had enough customers ask for RFID Taxi Wallets and since our customers think it is important, we are now adding RFID protection layers to the card pockets on the Taxi Wallet.

We are rolling this feature into our inventory. Today we have over a dozen styles with RFID.



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